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Usually, however, a student is not guilty of direct plagiarism but plagiarizing by accident. Unfortunately, it is too easy to do this when you are carrying out extensive research. Writing notes will, undoubtedly, incorporate the ideas of others alongside your own as this helps to create a balanced argument and give an overview of other research done in the area. If this is carried out in a rush, for example, a term paper or essay you did not allow enough time for; if you were interrupted during your work; or if you simply created noted over an extended period of time then it is easy to forget where your ideas end and another's begin. This is where accidental plagiarism can easily occur. Custom essay writing service is a 100% unique essay for your hand. A very good way to avoid accidental plagiarism is to carefully record every single reference you make in your notes and put them into a list at the end of each referencing session that you carry out.

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